Wednesday, June 12, 2013

4th Birthday Celebration

Yesterday my twin tornadoes turned 4 yesterday and it was absolutley bittersweet.

I remember the day I had them like it just happened. It was so exciting, a little more scary and definetly an experience I won't forget. Even though I didn't have a c-section I had to deliver in the operating room. I think the scariest part was seeing how many people were in there. I had a team of nurses and each baby had a team of nurses just waiting on them. Only my mom was allowed in the OR with me and I'm so thankful she was there for me. KP was born first and was rushed off to the team waiting for her. KT was born 20 minutes later which only seemed like a few minutes to me. Once again,KT was rushed over to the other side of the room and KP was already on her way to the NICU. The reality of what was happening was still hitting me.
The NICU doctor that was in the OR ordered the nurses to let me see KT. I only held her for a few seconds before they informed me they needed to get her down to the NICU quickly. My mom realized something wasn't right then with the way KT was breathing.

I was sent to recovery and to wait until the girls were stabilized. In the mean time my blood pressure was sky high and I was not allowed to do anything especially get out of bed, not that the epidural would have let me anyways haha. By the time anyone was able to see them 6 hours had already passed. I had to sign permission for my mom and sister to go to the NICU first. The first time I ever seen KP was through the view finder on a camera. I was absolutely devastated to see such a tiny little thing all hooked up to wires. It broke my heart to think something could be wrong with them even though I thought I had prepared myself for this. There is no way to prepare yourself for a baby(babies) in the NICU. I finally got to see them in person that evening and touch them. It amazed and shocked me that those two beautiful babies were a part of me. KT had other medical problems but continues to show us all true strength. Both girls were supposed to stay in the NICU for 6 weeks, KP came home in 2 weeks and KT camed home in 4 weeks.

The girls once struggled to survive and now I struggle to keep up with them ;). It makes me so happy to see them progress daily and watch all the things they learn each day. 

People ask me all the time how I do it with twins. I just shrug and say "you just do it." I don't think I could have made it this far without all the support of my family and friends. Now that they are older I am kinda glad I had twins first. They always have a best friend to entertain them...and yes fight with too! I think if I ever have another I will be shocked with how easier it will seem to only feed one.

The past 4 years have been a long journey but one that was definetly worth it. The girls have shown me true strength, unconditional love and have always been my rock and motivation.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Girls Day :)

So this past weekend we got to enjoy a day down on the Branson landing with our Nanny. We shopped, had some delicious mexican cousine, watched the water show and ended the day with old time photos.
KP enjoying endless chips and salsa. 

Watching the water show with Nanny.

Both slept the whole way back home.