Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th Birthday Party - Under the big tent.

I love being able to do themes for birthday parties.
This year I chose to do a Circus theme since the girls loved the circus so much this year. 
I had a lot easier time finding things than I thought I would. Hobby Lobby is where I found most of my supplies and the sunday paper always has coupons for there in it so I had friends save some for me.
 Every year I make a posterboard for everyone to sign.

The girls had a blast. Pin the nose on the clown was a big hit. We got a few guests, including myself to wear the clown noses. I made the cupcakes myself and saved money. Decorations were easy since we stuck to the primary colors. We served hot dogs as the main dish, with some pasta salad, beans, chips and dip/salsa and of course can't forget the circus peanuts. 

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